Caroline Sinclair

Caroline Sinclair is new to collecting Doctor Who but that does not dampen her enthusiasm. A family woman living in Scotland, Caroline works at home where she peruses her interest in collecting autographs. A member of the Doctor Who Autograph Collectors Club (DWACC) she seeks out the signatures of the cast and crew. One of her fond desires is to find an entire up-to-date list of contact addresses for every single person who has ever appeared in Doctor Who. Caroline maintains a website highlighting her autographs and sharing how she got them.

Just some the Autographs Caroline has acquired
  • Colin Baker - 2 pictures & flyer TTM (signed & inscribed), also wrote answers on the letter I sent (will need to scan that and send it to you later)
  • Paul McGann - bought from tenth planet
  • Mark Strickson - 2 pictures TTM (signed)
  • Maureen O'Brien - 2 pictures TTM (signed & inscribed)
  • Deborah Watling - 2 pictures TTM (signed one, signed & inscribed one)
  • Nicola Bryant - B&W ISP TTM
  • Bonnie Langford - CISP & letter TTM
  • John Levene - 3 pictures (all signed & inscribed)
  • Janet Ellis - 2 pictures (signed one, signed & inscribed one) & handwritten letter (will need to scan and send later)
Visit Caroline's website at
Caroline can be contacted by Email Caroline

Enjoy this small sample of Caroline's Collection

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Talking Birthday Card, Slitheen & 9th Doctor Walkie Talkies, 12" Remote Control Dalek, 5" Remote Control Dalek, 5" Dalek Battle Pack with Rose, CD Clock featuring Chris & Billie.

Sonic Screwdriver, LCD Game, Dalek Talking Bottle Opener, TARDIS Talking Mug,The Doctor & Rose Mug, Dalek Talking Mug, M& S Dalek Keyring in display box, TARDIS Phone Alert, 3D TARDIS Cufflinks, Dalek Cufflinks, M&S TARDIS Keyring in display box.

TARDIS Talking Money Box, Talking Dalek, Dalek Keyring, Pewter Logo Keyring, Pewter Dalek Keyring, Dalek Watch, TARDIS Keyring, M&S Dalek Keyring in display box, M&S TARDIS Keyring in display box.

New series official Doctor Who Bedding featuring The TARDIS, Dalek, Moxx and Slitheen.
K9 Tissue Holder - custom made by Tom's wife Brandy.

Prototype K9 from John Nathan Turner's private collection
bought from Bonhams Auction House

Holdcourt TARDIS Telephone
with original handset

Mr Pilbeam Daleks
Handmade Daleks By Trevor
The Amazing World of Doctor Who Annual - only available from Typhoo Tea

MOMI Poster

Dapol Mel, Dapol Ace, Mobile Phone Cover, Self Adhesive Transfers: Cyberman, K9 & Question Mark, Yo-yo, Keyrings: Doctor Who Logo (x2), Seal of Rassilon, Doctor Who Diamond Logo, TARDIS, K9 & Cyberman (Australian exclusives), JP Fridge Magnet - won in Terence & Paul's website competition.

Brighton Pier Exhibition Mugs
Bad Wolf, Slitheen & Nestene Consciousness

Lampshades by Gibson Lumar Character Shades

Strictly Ink Costume Cards CC1 & CC2 and redemption cards
Richardwho items

Birchcroft China Items

7 discs designed for the Doctor Who Pinball Machine featuring Doctors 1-7

The Dalek Chronicles
Click for a larger view
Paradise Towers Camera Script
Tardis Display

Bathroom Buddy
Transmat Dalek


Badges and Pins

Tardis Birthday Cake
Pink Dalek Cake

Dalek Army

Dalek & Davros plates, Dapol Daleks, Dapol/Marx Daleks, Cherilea Daleks, Corgi Daleks, Rolykin Daleks, Black Clockwork Dalek

Davros and Company

Davros head, Dalek Cookiejar, Dapol K9 (green & grey), Corgi K9, Dalek Tin, Corgi Tom Baker, Corgi Tom Baker & Bessie, Doctor Who keyring, Tardis Keyring, & a fabulous patch.


Cyberman Cookiejar, plate, Dapol Cyberman, Corgi Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver pen, Dinky Tardis, Tardis Moneybox, Fine Art Casting Tardis, Playing Cards, Harlequin Miniatures

Tom Baker Birthday Cards
Postcards and Badges


Scott and Squeet
Replica Cyberman head
Scott and Squeet

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Caroline's Collection
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Caroline can be contacted by Email Caroline
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