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Matt and Sarah Parish

1980 Argolian robe
from 'The Leisure Hive'

as worn by Tom Baker

Sarah and Matt have been collecting Doctor Who original props and costumes for over ten years now. They live in Surrey, about 30 miles out of London in the UK. They have amassed an extensive array of highly recognizable and prized items that include original props, costumes, scripts, merchandise and scenery.

For some four years the collection was displayed at Oaklands Park House along with a display of keyboard instruments. It was occassionally opened to the public or displayed at local fates, all the time raising money for the British Heart Foundation. However, due to a move of location the collection was placed into storage.

Here is a small sample of some of the exhibits from the collection.

Contact Matt & Sarah by e-mail at matt@quietlycreative.org

1988 Cyberman from 'Silver Nemisis'
original costume with exhibition used
helmet and replica chestplate

1982 Cyber gun from 'Earthshock'

functioning camera flash bulb laser effect
      1983 Vanir from 'Terminus'
consisting of over 25 seperate
pieces of felt lined fibre glass
Fifth Doctor's hat

worn by
Peter Davison

Hieronymous' mask from
'Masque of Mandragora'

discovered in a wicker basket
hidden amongst numerous
other masks from various
BBC productions. Slight
restoration work has been
carried out due to original
poor condition.


"Let the chains of Fenric shatter"
1989 part of the Ultima Machine from 'The Curse of Fenric'
working prop with rotating letter wheels

  1980 Argolian costume
from 'The Leisure Hive'

complete with gloves, shoes and
original wig,
with replica jewellery
  1987 Lakertyan from
'Time and the Rani'

this costume is a hybrid due
to the mix up of auction lots.
The undergarments are Ikona's
(Mark Greenstreet) whilst the
overgarments belong to Beyus
(Donald Pickering), the hat is also
from a another lakertyan costume.

1988 Daisy K from
'The Happiness Patrol'

worn by Georgina Hale

Lady Peinforte's
coin purse from
'Silver Nemesis'

"Happiness will prevail..."   1988 Helen A from
'The Happiness Patrol'

worn by Sheila Hancock

(photo taken at the
Lyric Theatre)
  1986 Sabalon Glitz
worn by Tony Selby

(photo taken at the 2003
Invasion III convention)


  1976 Sarah Jane Smith's ballgown from
'Masque of Mandragora'

worn by Elisabeth Sladen
also worn by Maggie Smith
in a BBC period drama

(photo taken at a signing
held by Forbidden Planet
in 1993)
  1986 Inquisitor
'The Trial of a Timelord'

worn by Lynda Bellingham

(photo taken at a signing
held at the Tenth Planet
store in London)

  from left to right

1984 costume from 'Warriors of the Deep'

1981 Luvic from 'The Keeper of Traken'

worn by Robin Soans

1981 Foster's costume from
'The Keeper of Traken'

1975 Salamar's costume from
'Planet of Evil'

worn by Prentis Hancock

1978 Druidic robe from
'The Stones of Blood'

the Stones of Blood was the 100th story

1989 Bessie's
Turbo booster
from 'Battlefield
      1989 Chemical bomb from
'The Curse of Fenric'

1983-85 Dalek
these are the shoulder, neck and dome
sections from an original screen used
Dalek featured in 'Revelation of the
Daleks', however the dome has been
verified as almost certainly being the
one used in 'The Five Doctors'

1989 Dalek from
the Doctor Who stageplay
'The Ultimate Adventure'
the role of the Doctor was
played by Jon Pertwee and
later assumed by Colin Baker

The odd shape to the dalek props
was attributed to the angle they
would be viewed from by the audience
(or maybe they just used the Radio
Times plans when making them!!)

1987 map from 'Dragonfire'
hand drawn on parchment paper,
Dragonfire was the 150th Doctor Who story

1989 UNIT logo from 'Battlefield'
removed from a UNIT Land Rover

Police Box childrens ride
as far as it is known this was not licensed as a BBC Doctor Who ride,
we do know that it was used along with a police car version at events
held by the police force (see small pic). It is hoped that in the future we will
be able to obtain a stand (a red moulded rocky surface) and motor.

  1980 Target novel cover for 'Doctor Who and the Stones of Blood'
by Andrew Skilleter, this was his third cover for a novelisation. Done in the
style of the original Achilleos covers, Skilleter disliked these white-background
vignettes as he felt they were unhelpful to his style and limited the impact of
the cover. (note the illustration features the druidic robe)

  1983 Target novel cover for 'The Five Doctors'
by Andrew Skilleter, this illustration featured on the twentieth anniversary
special edition and was number 81 in the Doctor Who library. The original
cover’s background was reflective silver leaf.

"I was asked to feature the profiles of all five Doctors together with the
hint of a possible sixth. They had to be shadowy but recognisable. To
compound the problem, there was no firm information on the content of
this upcoming TV special, so in the segments of the illustration we featured
some obvious Doctor Who favourites, which fortunately were featured
in the show."
Andrew Skilleter, writing in Blacklight


    1979 costume design for
'The Horns of Nimon'

by June Hudson

The bull's head was originally supposed to be some sort of helmet hiding the Nimons true appearance, however due to budget restrictions the decision was made to leave it as the monsters actual head.

  All of the pictures on this page are the property of Matt Parish and Sarah Parish and may not be used or reproduced in anyway without his explicit written consent.  



Download dissolution.zip (480k): Dalek Dissolution Earth

A first-person arcade-style shooter programmed in Flash, set during the Daleks invasion of Earth. The aim is simply, to kill the Daleks and not be killed yourself. Illustrated by Matt Parish, programmed by Phil Cox with original music by Ian Renshaw.
please note that DALEK unbidden is a MOD for HalfLife
and as such requires a full version of the game HalfLife to run

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