Arfon Jones

Arfon (Dalek Duck) has had an interest in Doctor Who since finding his first Doctor Who comic in a Golden Wonder multy pack. Following the Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy era of the show avidly.

The good Doctor had always been a part of his life growing up, ether watching late night showings on UK Gold or obtaining the occasional VHS.

But, It wasn’t until he watched ‘Dalek Night’ on UK Gold in 2003 that he fully immersed himself into the world of Who.

A freelance illustrator and designer that sometimes paints Who related pieces ether commissioned or simply for his own pleasure. The piece that he is most proud of being a painting featuring the 10 Doctors. Signed by (to date) 8 Doctors and 23 companions.

Arfon collects various things apart from signatures… 12" Daleks, props and promotional materiel relating to the show.


Arfon can be contacted by Email Arfon

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Golden Wonder promotional comics 1986

Arfon can be contacted by Email Arfon
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