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tardis and daleks k9 memorabilia is what i like to collect but also other stuff as well i have one full size dalek , a police box, k9 the dalek used to belong to raymond mcfadeyn which has been used for numerous dr who exhibitions in scotland.The k9 prop has been used as well it is not radio controlled but am working on that it was built by raymond .one i should mention is the full size tardis console which was also built by ramond its last exhibition use was at paisley art galleries and museums and since then is now been sold as icould not keep it any longer. photos of it can be seen in colin youngs exhibtition photos from dunfermline and motherwell displays. other full size props was my own police box <TARDIS> again used at two exhibitions it was built by my good freind paul bidewell <biddy> and was based on the prop seen from the masque of mandragora to the end of tom bakers time on dr who .now these days it has been changed to more of a sixties version  and the interior is like that of a real police box with a a real working telephone. when i can i will post pictures of these items when i can and the rest of my collection . i try to collect as much as i can of these items some things are hard to get a hold of and hope i can complete my collection through time.

David can be contacted by Email David

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David can be contacted by Email David
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