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Hello, welcome to my page ! Born and raised in Essex I have been collecting since I was 7 way back in 1988. I had watched some of season 24, but it was after watching the two 60's Dalek films that I really got into Doctor Who. My local John Menzies was a good place for the Target books and the odd magazine and slowly over time I found specialist shops and my collection grew. I used to visit a collectors fair at Grundy Park Leisure centre in Cheshunt where I meet quite a few collectors. I have quite a large collection with the usual suspects of Target books, magazines, videos and so on so for my page I am going to display a few of the more unusual items in my collection. Happy to answer any questions.

Andy can be contacted by Email Andy

Enjoy this small sample of
Andy's Collection

Media from across the world
Foreign Dalek DVDs
Audio from across the world
Dalek Attack PC game plus a few more.
Target Proof covers
A bit of Baker !
Breakfast time
1960s Colouring Books
1960s Wallpaper
BBC Publicity brochure
Thomas Salter 1978 Poster set
Bored in the 1970s ?
1980s T-Shirts
Unused Classics front cover

Andy can be contacted by Email Andy
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