Chris Pederson

I grew up in Wisconsin and I have been looking for the Doctor Who section or for Terrance Dicks books in book stores and libraries for over 30 years.  I just hit my goal of having one of every classic series novelization a few years ago. I would like to get a few foreign classic novelizations as well.

Dapol also came out with action figures right at the end of my childhood and though I wanted them desperately, I didn’t actually get any until I was an adult. 

I bought a few annuals in the Colin Baker days and have gotten more interested in them now. It is great that the first ’66 annual can still be had without spending a fortune (if you don’t have to have it mint). I picked up The Invasion From Space recently as well.

My most recent collecting is original art printed in Doctor Who Magazine and one in Battles in Time.  All my original art is by my favorite DWM artist Lee Sullivan. I would also like to get a panel from the Iron Legion.

The thing I would most like to add to my collection is an original Cyberman weapon from Earthshock/Five Doctors/Attack of The Cybermen.


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Chris can be contacted by Email Chris
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