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Having discovered Doctor Who as a 5 year old when Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison, I'm now fascinated by the creative process behind so many special childhood memories and have built a substantial collection of production paperwork including draft and rehearsal scripts, story breakdowns, memos and letters, plans, designs, writers guides etc. I've also recently started collecting smaller props, focusing on the 1980's.

In the process I've been lucky to get to know many people involved in making Doctor Who during the JNT era (which has been both a joy and an education!) and many items were sourced directly from them, some literally retrieved from their attics after 30+ years. It's nice to share some of my (now very large) collection here having enjoyed exploring other collections online. 

I'm always on the lookout for original production paperwork and smaller props, especially from the 1980's, or anything to do with the Tardis - do get in touch if you have something you think I may be interested in. 



John can be contacted by Email John

Enjoy this small sample of
John's Collection

Screen-used 1970s-1980s Tardis roundel
Tardis roundel (detail)
Screen-used 2010 Tardis Door Sign
Tardis Control Room Set Model (1980)
Tardis Control Room Set Model (detail)
Tardis Control Room Set Model (underside)
Screen-used Seventh Doctor hat and hatband (1988)
Production Used Greatest Show In The Galaxy floor plan (1988)
Production Used Curse Of Fenric Set Design (1989)
Eric Sawards original typewritten 27 page story breakdown for The Visitation (1981)
Eric Sawards personal Attack of the Cybermen rehearsal script with handwritten annotations
Production used early rehearsal scripts for Warriors Gate eps 1-4 (1980)
Original ending to Warriors Gate ep 4 where Romana & K9 stay with the Doctor (1/2)
Original ending to Warriors Gate ep 4 (2/2)
Screen-used Chimeron Baby from Delta And The Bannermen ep 1 (1987)
Hand signed letter from William Hartnell (pre-Who) with publicity photo
Hand signed and dedicated Jon Pertwee publicity card from when I met the great man in 1995.
Original transparency selected by JNT and used to make 1981 title sequence
David Lasky (Designer) production folder from Curse of Fenric (1989)
Front sheet from Curse of Fenric production folder (1989)
Background notes from Curse of Fenric production folder (1989)
BBC typing pool master for Eric Sawards original Trial of a Timelord ep 13, signed (1986)
Detail showing typewriter impressions on reverse of page
Production used set plan for Greatest Show, the last time the full classic era Tardis control room was built (1988)

John can be contacted by Email John
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