Mark Sheldon

I collect only 12" Daleks from Product Enterprise and Character Options. My collection includes complete sets of Product Enterprise classic and movie Daleks, and Character Options New Series and New Paradigm Daleks. I have the rare limited edition chrome and gold chrome movie Daleks (the latter of which took me several years and a lot of money to acquire. I also have an unreleased pre-production Stars & Stripes Dalek, one of (I believe) only three in existence. The pride of my collection is my newly acquired Product Enterprise classic Dalek with three interchangeable arms. This was made as a prototype just before PE lost their BBC licence, and is the only one in existence.

I've also bought several broken or non-functioning Daleks and repainted them myself in other classic or famous colour schemes. 

Mark can be contacted by Email Mark

Enjoy this small sample of
Mark's Collection

Product Enterprise 1 - the original three
Product Enterprise 2 - Gold Dalek Commander and Emperors Guard Dalek
Product Enterprise 3 - grey Genesis and white Imperial Daleks
Product Enterprise 4 - silver Death and black and gold Supreme Daleks
Product Enterprise 5 - Interchangeable Arm Prototype
Product Enterprise 6 - Custom Daleks (canon)
Product Enterprise 7 - Custom Daleks (non-canon)
Product Enterprise 5 - Movie Daleks
Product Enterprise 6 - Limited Edition Movie Daleks
Character Options 1 - Cult of Skaro
Character Options 2 - Dalek Leaders
Character Options 3 - Other Daleks
Character Options 4 - Limited Edition Daleks
Character Options 7 - Custom Daleks
Character Options 8 - Custom Daleks
Character Options 9 - Custom Daleks from eBay
Character Options 5 - New Paradigm Daleks
Character Options 6 - Custom orange New Paradigm Dalek
Cardboard Dalek Standee

Mark can be contacted by Email Mark
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