Chad Ball

Chad, of Columbus Ohio USA, has been a fan of Doctor Who since 1980 when he first saw Tom Baker in Terror of the Zygons on PBS. He mainly collects rare items,props and production pieces from the Tom Baker era. Chad is married with four children. He works in the entertainment industry as a Special Effects coordinator. You can check out some of his film credits on the website. Chad is always looking for original props from the Baker era especially from his favorite episodes, Warriors Gate and Terror of the Zygons.

Chad can be contacted by Email Chad

Enjoy this small sample of
Chad's Collection

Tyssan Jacket "Destiny of the Daleks"
John-Nathan-Turner personally owned shirt "Silver Nemesis"
Gundan Robot Special Effects Axe
"Warriors Gate" screen used Gundan Robot Gloves
Doctor Who sound effects picture disc
Tardis Model
Tom Baker Convention Invite
Jon Pertwee Personal Letter
Doctor Who Toys
How to build a Dalek Pamphlet
Tom Baker Doctor Who viewmaster slides
mega rare Tom Baker ceramic tile photo
Dr. Who Tom Baker Argentina Puzzle
mega rare Tom Baker Teleview guide cover
Spirit of Light Tardis Key
Nestle Chocolate Sgt. Benton Wrapper
Doctor Who Collector Cards

Chad can be contacted by Email Chad
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