Tony in Sunderland

Tony has been a fan of doctor who since 1989 and has been collecting ever since.tony collects anything to do with dr who but has a huge interest in props and prop replicas, as well as toys old and new and books of which he has a nice collection of.  Having grown up in the late 80`s early 90`s tony grew up with the 7th doctors era and started collecting the dapol toys and has a vast collection in storage. tony now collects the new range of character options toys and playsets from the new series of dr who.

Tony also attended the dr who celebration concert in cardiff in 2006

Tony can be contacted by Email Tony

Enjoy this small sample of
Tony's Collection

The 4th doctor collection
Original bbc doctor who film reel and tin
Various collectibles, autographs,cyberman helmet etc etc
the 7th doctor collection
collection of CO action figures
original smith and jones prop (an extras i.d from royal hope hospital)
various merchindise and very rare MA,EDA books prop replicas
dvds,action figures,custom made action figures, merchindise
evil of the daleks episode 2 super 8mm
ticket from doctor who a celebration and a dapol k-9
sea devil gun from warriors of the deep
vintage dr who jigsaws
various collectibles and merchindise
comet minitures reshape davros imperial emperor model
Special weapons dalek. Limited edition kit hand painted
Replica dalek mutant

Tony can be contacted by Email Tony
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