James Monington


The Twin Dilemma - Target reprint cover
The Twin Dilemma cover as published
Death to the Daleks - Target Book Cover
Published cover
Day of the Daleks - Combined painting of all 3 different Target covers
Original Target covers as published
Dr Who #17 Marvel Comics
Professionally digitally coloured
IDW published cover
Marvel published cover
Dr Who #7 - IDW Tesseract Part 1
The cover with added digital elements and as published
Assimilation Squared #2 Cover
Cover as published
Dr Who #8 - IDW Tesseract Part 2
The cover coloured and as published
Rippers Curse IDW ongoing series
The cover digitally coloured and as published
Final splash from McDaids story in the IDW Annual
Splash coloured and as published
Splash from Run, Dr Run! from the IDW 2012 Dr Who Annual
Splash published
Cover to DWM #172 featuring the Davison story Awakenings
The published cover
Dr Who Storybook 2009 - Island of the Sirens, page 55
The published page
TV Action & Countdown #66
TV Action & Countdown #66 as published
In-Vision TV Movie Issue
In-Vision TV Movie Issue as published
Classic Comics #17
Classic Comics #17 as published
The Daleks - back page from TV21
The Daleks - the page as published
Baker attacked by Dalek mutant from Dr Who DVD Files
Digitally Coloured and as published
Doctor Who 6 Intarsia Designs
Published cover
The Doctor Dances Postcard and online decal artwork
The postcard as published
Cutaway Dalek from the 1979 Dalek Annual
Published artwork

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