Doctor Who Conventions
and Special Events

The Doctor Who Conventions held these many years have given many fans the opportunity to meet the stars and learn the behind the scenes factoids we all love to share. The memories are treasures we will enjoy the rest of our lives. The kind supporters of RichardWho have opened their treasure chests to share pictures of their favorite memories.

Convention Pictures

A Day At The Forum Summer 1989    
Chicago TARDIS

Cybercon 2  1990~1991      
Dimensions  12-13 November 2005  12-13 November 2005 (2)
Doctor Who and the Daleks 6 March 2004    
Doctor Who Galactic Dinner 14 October 2005
Doctor Who Magazine Party 1999      
DWACC Doctor Who Day 24 September 2005    
Global 19 June 2004      
Invasion 2 March 2003
3 March 2006      
Jameson Convention 12 June 2005      
Manopticon 30-31 May 1993 4-5 May 1997    
Doctor Who Appreciation Society
1977 1978 1990  2000(1)  2000(2)
 2002 2003(1)   2003(2)    
Regenerations 2006      
The Tardis Club 6 August 1994      
Visions 1993      

August 1990
Wolftime 10 February 1991      


Contributors to the Conventions Section
Steven Smith Matt Parish Brian Mattocks
Tony Stuchbury Sarah Parish Mike Patocka
Chris Balcombe Jenny Martin Darren Marshall
Paul and Jane Richard Briggs Scott Lindsay
Colin Young Caroline Sinclair Peter in Kent
Chris Winwood Lisa Higgins  

If you have pictures of any Dr Who Conventions we would love to see them.
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